• Valeria R

Make History Fun With Your Little

If you and your Little want to know more about history, here are two great resources that will make exploring American history more fun.

Want to pretend to be the President in a trying time? Test out the interactive game Playing the President: FDR’s First Hundred Days. Women & the American Story, which provides information on women's history while the blog History Detectives mixes learning and fun.

The House of Representatives website features Kids in the House, with educational activities divided into categories for kids of all ages from young learners to high school. There’s a page on Hispanic Americans in Congress and information on how the House chamber has evolved as well as information on how a bill becomes a law, tailored to each age group.

The Smithsonian offers home-learning options, including the online tool Our Story from the National Museum of American History, which helps children experience history at home through books, everyday objects and activities.


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